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01History, Conservation and Restoration
Typologies of restoration: conservation, consolidation, repair and reconstruction. The use of modern techniques and materials.

02Management Plans
Contents of a management plan, drafting process and involvement of interested parties. Short, medium and long term planning. The regional and local scale. Characteristics and conditions of conservation and restoration. Flexibility, setting of planning and quality standards.

03Management, Safety and Accessibility
Models of management: public, private and/or combinations. Visitor safety: protection of the buildings and their surroundings. Universal Accessibility: visitor flows, guides and adaptations for the disabled.

04Recycling and Sustainability
Recycling possibilities and their selection criteria. Combination of cultural and historical values with recycling. What to avoid using. Recycling in commercial activities. Civic participation: experiences and results. Social and economic sustainability. Emphasis on energy use: heating and air conditioning.

05Landscaping, Maintenance and Urban Planning
Landscape design and land use around the fortifications. Matters regarding the upkeep of the buildings and their surroundings, financial implications and methods.

06Funding, Foundations and Volunteering
Different sources of funding for restoration and conservation. Cross-border projects as an opportunity. Good practices. Groups involved in the management and maintenance of fortified heritage. Volunteers, disabled people, students, etc

07Communication, Marketing and Branding
Presence in the media and on the social networks. Target groups for communication and marketing. Forms of participation: commercial aims and the protection of historical and cultural values. Fortified heritage as a brand.

08Fortified heritage, Culture, Tourism and Education
Fortified heritage as a strategic bid for the development of cities. Cross-border co-operation for the enhancement of fortified heritage. Educational training as a guarantee of the future of fortified heritage.

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The project has been 65% co-financed by FEDER European funds through the POCTEFA 2007-2013 (Spain-France-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Programme), aimed at reinforcing the social and economic integration of the Spain-France-Andorra border region. The help it gives focuses on the development of cross-border activities – economic, social and environmental – with joint strategies for sustainable territorial development.

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