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Nicolas Faucherre


Professional experience

Since 2013: Member of the Mediterranean Medieval & Modern Archaeology Laboratory scientific council (UMR 7298, CNRS). Since 2012: Professor of History of Art and Medieval Archaeology at the University of Aix-Marseille. Since 2009: Member of the World Heritage French Property Committee. Since 2007: Member of the Historical and Scientific Work Committee, archaeology and history of art for medieval and modern civilisations section. Since 2006: Member of the National Historical Monument Commission, protection section. 2006-2008: Department Director for History of Art and Archaeology at Nantes University. Since 2005: French representative on the international ICOMOS Icofort scientific committee for fortifications and military heritage. 2005-2012: Professor of History of Medieval Art at Nantes University. 2004-2008: Scientific expert for the Vauban fortifications world heritage application. 2002-2005: President of the Rochefort Regional Development Council. 2001-2008: Member of the History of Defence Study Centre scientific council. 2000-2005: Member of La Rochelle University scientific council. 1999-2012: Castellology team leader at the Higher Medieval Civilisation Studies Centre (UMR 6223, Poitiers). 1998-2011: Head of Archaeological Assignments in the Near East (Ani, Apamée, Saône, Beaufort, Césarée). Since 1998: Member of the regional Heritage and Site Commissions Poitou-Charentes (1998-2008), Pays de la Loire (2005-2009), Centre (since 2012). 1997-2000: Member of the Cultural Commission at La Rochelle University. 1996-1997: Director of the SHS department (FLASH, La Rochelle University). 1996-2001: Assignments for ICOMOS in Italy, Switzerland, Hungary. 1994-2005: Associate professor in Medieval History and Archaeology at La Rochelle University. Since 1992: Associate professor in Military Architecture at the Chaillot School (Postgraduate school for History and Old Monument Conservation). Since 1991: Member of the publication committee and administrator of the French Archaeology Society. 1990-2010: Director of the “Patrimoine vivant” (Living Heritage) collection (Rempart-Desclée edition by Brouwer) and administrator for the REMPART union. 1992-1994: Head of the fortified heritage cell in the General Inventory of Heritage and Artistic Wealth in France. 1987-1992: Historical advisor on the Relief Map Museum refit assignment. 1987: Curator for the “La galerie des plans en relief”, exhibition at Hôtel des Invalides. 1983-1989: Variety of activities: assignments for ICOMOS in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, etc. study grants in French schools in Rome and Madrid, archaeological excavations (Louvre, Bastille, Yugoslavia), exhibition curator (Bastille, Dijon, Lille, Château d’Oléron) 1982-1983: Coordinator of Vauban Year (Heritage Management) and curator of the “Vauban Réformateur” exhibition, French Monuments Museum.

Publications (around one hundred scientific articles and as many again in the popular press)


  • Les plans en relief des places fortes du Roy. (Relief maps for forts in the Roy region).
  • Places fortes, bastion de pouvoir. (Strongholds, bastions of power).
  • Vauban à Belle-Ile. (Vauban in Belle-Ile).
  • Le Triomphe de la méthode. Traité de l’attaque des places de Monsieur de Vauban.
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    (Triumph of the method. Attack treaty for Monsieur de Vauban’s strongholds).

  • Montreuil-sur-Mer, ville fortifiée. (Montreuil-sur-Mer, fortified town).
  • Fortifications du littoral. La Charente-Maritime. (Coastal Fortifications. Charente-Maritime).
  • Bastions de la mer. Le guide des fortifications de la Charente-Maritime. (Bastions of the sea. Guide to fortifications in Charente-Maritime).
  • Fortifications du Littoral, la Bretagne sud. (Coastal Fortifications, Southern Brittany).
  • La forteresse de Salses. (Salses fortress).
  • Les tours de La Rochelle. (Towers in La Rochelle).
  • Le château d’If. (Le château d’If).
  • Les enceintes urbaines (XII-XVIIe siècles). Archéologie et histoire. (Urban enclosures (12th to 17th centuries) Archaeology and history).
  • Le château et la ville. Opposition, juxtaposition (XIIe-XVIIe siècles). (Chateau and town. Opposition, juxtaposition 12th to 17th centuries).
  • Crazannes, logis alchimique. (Crazannes, alchemic dwelling).
  • L’estuaire de la Charente dans le projet de territoire. I. Patrimoines, paysages. (The Charente estuary in the regional development plan. I. Heritage, landscapes).
  • La route des villes fortes en Nord. Les étoiles de Vauban. (The stronghold route in the North. Vauban’s stars).
  • La fortification au temps des Croisades. (Fortification in the time of the Crusades).
  • Tours seigneuriales de l’ouest. Travaux récents sur quelques tours maîtresses, de la Normandie à la Catalogne. (Seigniorial Towers in the West. Recent work on Main Towers from Normandy to Catalonia).
  • Mont-Dauphin, l’héritage de Vauban. (Mont-Dauphin, Vauban’s heritage).
  • Les sites majeurs de Vauban. (Major Vauban sites).

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The project has been 65% co-financed by FEDER European funds through the POCTEFA 2007-2013 (Spain-France-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Programme), aimed at reinforcing the social and economic integration of the Spain-France-Andorra border region. The help it gives focuses on the development of cross-border activities – economic, social and environmental – with joint strategies for sustainable territorial development.

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