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The official languages of the Conference are: SPANISH, ENGLISH and FRENCH. Abstracts and papers will therefore be accepted in those languages. Their oral presentation will be in the official language in which they were sent.


All papers must be submitted using the online application form accessible via the “System Access” tab. How to submit a paper To submit a paper, use your personal profile to log in to “System access” and go to the “Upload File” link. You need your ID and your password. Choose the file as Pdf or MSW (Microsoft Word *.doc or *.docx) document. Finally you have to click on “Upload File”. Instructions for the submission of papers

1The deadline for submission of a paper is 8 August 2014. You will then be notified of its acceptance and/or any requirement for revision by email from 15 September. The deadline for submission of the revised paper will be 22 September 2014.

2Only original texts will be accepted, not those previously published or pending publication in other conferences or symposiums. The authors are responsible for the statement of co-authorship (where necessary) and the originality of the works submitted.

3All opinions expressed and statements made in the papers published are the responsibility of the author.

4Be sure to review the text before submission.

5Papers can be written in any of the three official languages – SPANISH, ENGLISH and FRENCH.

6Abide by the Publication criteria and rules and Template accessible via this link and use the template provided to present your paper.

7The maximum length is 12 pages.

8Co-authors of papers are encouraged to attend the International Conference on Fortified Heritage: Management and Sustainable Development.

9Only those papers submitted by registered participants at the International Conference on Fortified Heritage: Management and Sustainable Development will be published.

10Only papers submitted as PDF or MSW (Microsoft Word – *.doc o *.docx.) documents will be accepted.

11The process of blind peer review will proceed as follows:

  • After the submission of your paper, it will be reviewed by peers for acceptance by the Scientific Committee.
  • You will then receive an email with the result of the review: “Accepted”, “Accepted pending modification” or “Rejected”. In the second case, the conditions for acceptance will be made known to you.
  • Finally, if your paper does not require any further revision, you will receive an email informing you that it has been “Accepted”.


1Each presentation will last approximately 10 minutes.

2The presentation can be given in SPANISH, ENGLISH and FRENCH.

3Each room will have a computer available that can be used for the presentation.

4Please state the type of document format you will use for your presentation *.ppt document format is preferred although *.pdf format will also be accepted (please contact the Technical Secretary).

5The presentation (*.ppt or *.pdf document) must be sent beforehand to the Technical Secretary using the online System, email or “WeTransfer”.

6The deadline for sending it will be 10th October. If there is a problem with the delivery, please contact the Technical Secretary: congress@fortiuspamplonabayonne.eu

7Any type of requirement for your presentation, such as a certain sound or video system, must be mentioned beforehand to the Technical Secretary.

8You will be given the day and time for your presentation beforehand, as well as the room where the presentation will take place.

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The project has been 65% co-financed by FEDER European funds through the POCTEFA 2007-2013 (Spain-France-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Programme), aimed at reinforcing the social and economic integration of the Spain-France-Andorra border region. The help it gives focuses on the development of cross-border activities – economic, social and environmental – with joint strategies for sustainable territorial development.

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